Kendal’s English Country Dance group, led by resident Pat Talbot, performs in Heiser Auditorium at the 2012 Spring Fling.

Spring is Sprung!

In a year when spring seemed to threaten early arrivals in December, January, and March, we now have the official word: Kendal Karnival, the 2012 edition of Kendal’s traditional “Spring Fling” event, brought residents, staff, and guests together on Saturday, April 21 for music, dance, games, and snacks.


Chaired by Anne Elder, the planning committee for the event assembled an evening that included a number of special features. Among these were a swing dance demonstration by a group of Oberlin College students, a rollator line dance performance, and striking, hand-dyed scarves and hand-painted fans that adorned the ceiling in Heiser Auditorium.


Also returning this year were long-time favorites such as Esmerelda the fortune-teller, sing-alongs accompanied by Herb Henke, games of chance and skill, and a collection of pot-luck hors d’oeuvres and desserts.

Herb Henke (at the piano) leads a pick-up chorus of residents and guests in a sing-along of old favorites.

“Esmerelda,” the most skillful fortune-teller in these parts, entertained her visitors with predictions of their lives to come.

Members of “O–Swing,” the Oberlin College swing dance club, offer a demonstration before an appreciative audience in the auditorium.

Dan Rieber (left) and Connie Bimber (right) lead the rollator line dancers in the auditorium.

A conga line, anchored by Don and Joyce Parker, snakes its way through the audience assembled in the Heiser Lounge.

“Elastic Woman,” a member of Oberlin College’s O–Circus, demonstrates her repertoire of moves before an entranced audience.

Milt Ellis tries to calculate how many buttons are encased in a table–top as one of the guessing games offered at Spring Fling.

Scarves and fans made by a crew of residents, staff, and friends and designed by resident Ted Nowick, grace the ceiling of Heiser Auditorium, while Bob Cothran’s mural elements adorn the stage.