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Jean Wright



Jean entered Kendal at Oberlin on November 23, 1993. She brought some special keepsakes that are still with her, like the quilt her mother had made almost a hundred years ago from pieces of cloth she had used to make dresses for Jean. She remembers her Oberlin friend Pauline coming with her to see the plan for the various cottages and apartments that would be built at Kendal. Pauline saw a great corner apartment that she thought looked very nice, with corner windows and great south and west exposure, but she didn't sign up for it. Since she didn’t take it, Jean did.


Having worked both as a primary teacher and in personnel at Ohio Bell Telephone Company, Jean focused on traveling throughout the world when she retired. She has been on a 44-day around the world adventure and loved every place she visited, mostly by train. Just before entering Kendal, Jean went to Australia and New Zealand. She has seen a lot!


Jean loves the music here in Oberlin and the trips to hear the Cleveland Orchestra when they come here to perform every year. She likes that there are musical events right in the Central Activities Room. There is always something going on, and it keeps her busy.


She also enjoys the gardens and nature. She currently resides in the care center and has a spectacular view from her window in every season, with the Japanese maple at the edge of the patio and the daffodils and iris that sprout up in the spring. Her bird feeder is right at her window. Her robin figurine was from a friend, and the carved cardinal is from China.


Her cousins who live in Lorain are always bringing her beautiful flowers. Jean now has a lady from Seniors Helping Seniors who comes Monday through Friday to help. Jean loves when she reads to her and takes her for walks – indoors in the winter and outside in this great weather. She even helps Jean with her mail.


Jean is impressed with the work that the grounds crew does. Ryan's team is very good. She doesn't see how they keep up with it all, but hopes that we will continue to have all this green space to enjoy nature. We have a lot of special and talented people. The garden by Bill Schreiner and the railroad garden by Don Parker are great. The new therapy garden is wonderful, with individual pots for care center residents, and the 20th anniversary Heiser pond garden sounds like it will be great.


Here at Kendal at Oberlin, there is a great balance of support with family and caregivers. Jean says that she couldn't ask for more!


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