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Betty Weinstock



Betty and her late husband Bob moved to Kendal at Oberlin on October 26, 1993, and she remembers that it was very exciting, with a good collection of people. “It’s the people that continue to make the difference,” Betty says.


Bob was the head of the library committee even before they came. They decided not accept foreign language books or publications like Reader’s Digest abridged versions of stories. She continued cataloging books on her computer. Her main job now is to help with reviewing the books that are donated, cataloging them and then making sure that they are still there at year’s end.


Betty has always had a passion for music, nature and travel. It is little wonder that her sons are now professors of piano and chemistry. They regularly come to visit. Frank visits when he is judging music for things like the piano competition in Cleveland. Robert usually comes in the summer, too. That is when the garden can wait.


Early mornings usually find Betty at the pool swimming laps, or out working with the flowers on Wildflower Hill or in her own garden. It seems as though she is always on the go – gardening, walking, or swimming, yet she also makes time for reading, computers, making posters for special events, and listening to music.


Betty and Bob had lived in town when Bob taught physics, and they enjoyed going to the college for music and theater. Now that her hearing makes that more difficult, she focuses mostly on things at Kendal. There is always so much. And just look at the view from wildflower hill! Her hope is that someone will take over the guarding and weeding of Wildflower Hill so that it doesn't get overrun.


Betty declares that it is wonderful how Kendal at Oberlin is here for you when there is an emergency or you need help. You don't ever have to worry. The help that it will give you is only second to the people. It’s the people who are most important. Her advice to us all is to keep active and be engaged for as long as you can. It keeps you doing better and feeling better longer!


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