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Louise Richards



Louise moved to Kendal on October 20, 1993, from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. But in many ways, it was coming home. After graduating from Denison University, Louise had come to Oberlin College where she earned her MA in Art History. She then worked with Hazel King, Chief Curator of the Allen Memorial Art Museum, from 1945 to 1951 before joining the staff of the Cleveland Museum of Art, from which she retired as Chief Curator of Prints and Drawings.


She has been an incredible asset to Kendal as we have acquired our art collection. She worked with Paul Arnold and Nancy Gage to get the Art Committee organized and get the collection up and going. Se was delighted and astounded with the range of and amount of art that residents brought to Kendal


At the same time, Louise has had the freedom to enjoy the arts, books, great food, and the company of good friends she has made here at Kendal. She has also followed the mixed fortunes of her favorite team, the Cleveland Indians, and this year had the pleasure of seeing them take an upward turn!


Like many other founding residents, Louise remembers the big snow storm that arrived in Kendal’s first year of operation, and how the snow was up two to three feet deep at the patio doors. The staff was already so wonderful that they dug everyone out so that people were able to get out and go back and forth.


Louise exclaims that our staff is superb! Housekeepers, grounds, kitchen... right up to Barbara Thomas. And they are always cheerful and helpful in any way they can. They are always thinking of ways to be of assistance.


While traveling with her sister-in-law in Georgia, Louise happened upon a great pair of shoes with a Klimt design and bought them. For her, they go to confirm that art is everywhere, particularly here at Kendal. A great quote from the psalms that Louise used when she moved to Kendal is that “the lines fall for me in pleasant places.”


Louise thinks we're perfect and has every confidence that Kendal will go on being just as excellent as it has been in these first twenty years!


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