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Max and Muriel Morgan



Max and Muriel (“Pete” since college days) moved to Kendal from Cleveland on October 7, 1993. Max graduated from and did electrical engineering research at the University of Pittsburgh. After moving to Cleveland he worked with Westinghouse and Cleveland Electric Illuminating, except for a two-year stint in D.C. with the Army. 


After three years at Mount Union College, and two plus at St. Luke’s Hospital, Muriel graduated from Mount Union with her B.S. and passed her state licensing board for the RN. She worked at Cleveland area hospitals except for their two years in D.C., when she worked at Children’s Hospital. After Muriel retired from nursing, their daughter Diane was born. They are happy that Diane still lives in the Cleveland area and is able to visit often.


The Morgans had planned to be here for the ribbon cutting on Wednesday, October 6, but the movers’ schedule made that impossible. The day they moved in, eight days before Max’s birthday, was beautiful, with a nice breeze. Muriel had brought food for the refrigerator so there was something to eat.


Muriel was the first treasurer of the Cardinal Shop, and collected the monies for RAF. She made time for knitting and crocheting until a series of strokes took their toll.  Max’s focus is on woodworking, crossword puzzles, and computers. He succeeded Len Garver as woodshop treasurer, and after helping Muriel keep RAF’s books he now continues himself.


For the first 14 years after moving to Kendal, they would travel two to three times a year, exploring the waterways of North America and Europe. They visited all of the US and most of the Canadian provinces. For their golden anniversary they river cruised from the Black Sea to North Sea for four weeks. The one trip they wish they had been able to take was to visit Israel and Petra, Jordan.


Between her strokes and hip replacements, Muriel has been through a lot, but thrives with the able assistance of her family and Darlene Brown. After she was no longer able to regain the ability to walk or care for herself, they realized that it would be best for her to remain in the Stephens Care Center. She has successfully made it off of oxygen, and she and Max still enjoy dining together and seeing musical performances.


Max now travels with daughter Diane, and still attends church conferences and family reunions in the Erie area. He, and now Diane as well, continue to go to the Mt. Union “Education on the Run” program.


The grandfather clock in Heiser Lounge has been passed down through Muriel’s family. Max had removed both the top and leg moldings so it would fit under the ceiling in their old home, but after they moved here he was able to replace them. For their 50th anniversary, Max made a 1/8 scale model of the clock – using about 100 pieces of wood! – that plays the “Anniversary Waltz,” with sapphire earrings in it that match Muriel’s engagement ring. That same day, Muriel gave Max a golden cross music box that plays “Amazing Grace.” This month they will have been married 59 years.


They thank God every day that they are at Kendal. The best advice they can give is to get active and be engaged!


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