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Lois McCorkle



Lois moved to Kendal at Oberlin on October 14, 1993, with her husband, Hugh. After living in several large metropolitan areas, Lois loved returning to the more rural area of Lorain County where they had met while students at Oberlin College.


After medical school at Western Reserve University, which both she and Hugh attended, Lois focused on teaching and research in biomedical sciences at that institution. She later earned an MBA degree and served as chair of the Cuyahoga County Physicians Peer Review Organization, which evaluated the quantity and quality of health care services in the Cleveland area.


At Kendal, Lois and Hugh were among the leaders of the effort to plan annual celebrations of the birthday of Robert Burns, the great Scottish poet. They also were active photographers, using the Kendal dark room.


Lois and Hugh enjoyed once again being able to do the sky watching and “naked eye astronomy” they had enjoyed in their youth. It may have been a bit brighter and well lighted on the Kendal grounds than they would have preferred, but they loved being able to watch the meteor showers, comets, and lunar eclipses.


Hugh died in 2011 at the age of 90, after 65 years of marriage.


Now living in the Stephens Care Center, Lois continues to be thankful for the excellent healthcare, activities in the Central Activities Room, and the great food! She is getting the same excellent care that Hugh got, and she is happy to spend her last days here with good friends.


Her advice is to be glad that you are here where we have the great support of both staff and friends. To both friends and staff she would still say, “Thanks for the memories... We thank you so much!” 


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