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Charlotte & Herbert Long



Herbert and Charlotte Long moved to Kendal at Oberlin on October 5, 1993. It was right at the very beginning. Thinking about playing bridge on Monday nights during those first years brings back wonderful memories of friends and all the activities added over the years, including the addition of the perimeter walk and the swimming pool.


Charlotte says that, thanks to people like Mary Louise VanDyke, they developed a system to let everyone know what was happening. Now you can even access the bulletins via Channel 27, for which Charlotte once created information for slides. And since the residents’ computer website was created, you can now check everything out on your home computer.


Herbert, a retired classics professor who has been a faculty member at Hamilton College, Case Western Reserve University, and other institutions, has thoroughly enjoyed the computer and being able to explore the languages and history that he loves. He reads 26 languages! Although he has been limited with hearing loss, thanks to computers and assistive devices he is still busy learning more.


Charlotte says that Kendal has worked hard at developing a good library, and that special equipment was added to accommodate individuals with vision problems as well as a bookmobile system for those unable to come to the library from the Stephens Care Center. She is very thankful for that now that she is in the Stephens Care Center.


Herbert and Charlotte both love music and have enjoyed the programs at the Oberlin Conservatory as well as those here at Kendal.


A suggestion they would make for the future is to stay engaged and keep learning.


All the advantages we enjoy here, right down to the beautiful gardens, are thanks to the hard work of both residents and staff. They are also thankful for those continuing and improving the Kendal tradition today.


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