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Dottie Holzhauer



Dottie has worked as a nurse in the Stephens Care Center since Kendal at Oberlin's beginning – first on the night shift and now days in Whittier. She has seen so many changes and gotten to know residents and their families who made such lasting impressions. Dottie loved to walk the perimeter paths and enjoy Helen Schwimmer's rose garden. Dottie learned a lot about growing flowers from Helen, and the fragrant viburnum that grows by the south entrance reminds her of their time together. There have been so many residents and staff that make a difference. Dottie still keeps in contact with friends who use to work here. Sometimes they get together and go to brunch.


Right from the start, Kendal was not over done in decorations. It has clean, open lines, and yet it is inviting with lots of places to gather. It is more like a home – comfortable, not stiff.


Dottie’s four grown children and seven grandchildren keep her going when she isn't here at Kendal or volunteering in the parish nurses’ program through her church. She is so glad that she can still go back and visit the home that her husband built for them now that her son owns it. She really wanted it to remain in the family.


Dottie loves live theater and going to the Stocker Center, Huron Summer Theater, and the Amherst Workshop Players in addition to all that is going on here. She enjoys any kind of music and loves walking in the metro parks and enjoying the flowers and nature. The Courtyard Garden here at Kendal is great place to take a break during the day. Dottie is hoping that, when she retires, she will be able to try her hand at watercolors like Ruth Schwaegerle does.


When she can, Dottie likes to squeeze in time for exercise - walking, yoga and tai chi. She goes to Curves three times a week. Her own health this year has been rough with oral cancer. In addition to doctors, she has been going to two support groups where they all learn from and help each other. She is very glad that she is still working because it takes her full focus. Dottie likes to be always busy. Right now health means everything – eating right, exercise, and paying attention to what the doctors say.


Dottie used to feed the birds with 20 or so feeders at her home. Her kitchen is decorated with birds and the hummingbird feeder is by the window. She now gardens with pots and does container gardening using the herbs for cooking. She has a great hint: put them in ice cube trays so they are fresh for soups and stews. Cooking and growing things for one is very different than for a family. Change can be hard, especially as we get older, even though we know it's for the better.


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