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Jon Hall



Jon joined Kendal at Oberlin on September 7, 1993, in the “days of mud” and just a month before Kendal opened! He started as a structural mechanic, a great asset over the years since he understands just what is hidden where when various repairs are needed. He is often called upon to help other staff members understand those original mechanics... as well as the changes that have been made over time. Jon has served as a Maintenance Team Leader and Maintenance Coordinator, but what he has found that he really likes is hands-on work and directly serving residents.


Jon notes that there have been lots of changes here, but not in the core values and relationships between staff and residents. There is a real bond. We are diversified, and that’s the spice of life.


That first winter was the coldest on record, with lots of frozen water and sprinkler lines. It was a real eye opener. Luckily it was right away, while everything was still under warranty.


Jon is very proud of the huge project to build our pool and how the residents got much of the money together. Originally the pool was going to be small and located on the north side of the main building, but it is so much nicer having a full-sized pool tucked in among the trees on the south side. With the recent renovations it is a real asset. Jon doesn’t use the pool often, but does use the fitness center here as well as Oberlin College’s Philips Gymnasium for weights. He bikes to work every day to help keep in shape. He has three types of bikes – even a snow bike with studded tires.


He enjoys biking on the area’s trails, and Finley State Park is great for biking and camping with his two sons. But they take their summer vacation “out of Dodge,” usually where there is a lake. Jon’s wife's aunt and uncle live in Annapolis, so they often visit there or with relatives in Florida for the warmth and the amusement parks.


Jon’s oldest son Christopher, who just graduated from Oberlin College in environmental science, went to Paris for his senior winter term project. Jon and his wife Brenda joined him there and he took them on the full tour, walking everywhere. They would like to go back. Christopher has helped Oberlin, working with city manager Eric Norenberg to make plans for more green space.


Their younger son Matthew just finished his first year at the College of Wooster. He is still not sure what field he wants to go into.


Jon and Brenda are getting so close to being “empty nesters” they can taste it. When Jon finally gets home from work, he likes to relax and watch PBS while they both cook and clean. Fitness is big for the whole family, and they love to go camping.


Jon’s advice would be to keep a positive outlook and smile. Those connectors are very important. He was happy as a baby and still tries to bring joy to everyone. Kendal is going in right direction, and he sees a bright and stable future.


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