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Alan & Nancy Gage



Nancy and Alan entered Kendal on October 15, 1993. There couldn't be a better place than KaO. All told they had visited about 18 communities, most of them more regimented and directive compared to the open and varied opportunities available here. We are more casual than even other Kendals – more responsive and less structured.


They recall that when they arrived there were a few residents who said they did not want to do anything. They were the ones who made poor adjustments. The Gages realized that those who got involved were much happier. Being in on the beginning and helping to set the tone was great. Both Alan and Nancy have served on the KORA Council.


Nancy drew on her arts background to work with Louise Richards and Paul Arnold in developing our art collection and ways to display art in the galleries, as well as working and volunteering with FAVA and the Allen Memorial Art Museum. She still enjoys making sketches for Eureka! She now loves doing sketches on the back of paper place mats for the wait staff in Friends Corner.


Alan and Nancy created the display of troll figures at the Kendal “troll bridge,” which is popular with residents, children and grandchildren -- folks of all ages. Nancy came up with the idea: the sound of people crossing the bridge reminded her of the fairy tale “Billy Goats Gruff.” Alan installed the figures in an upside down fish bowl to protect the troll family. They love to hear the laughter it creates. Watch out for a “troll family” addition!


Alan, an “Oklahoma dust bowl child,” brought his love of woodworking to Kendal. He still enjoys woodworking, but makes sure to be very careful since he knows that our reflexes slow as we age. He has also followed his passion for history and genealogy. That love was cultivated by his father, who gave him his first history books, and by growing up in a large family.


They share a love of family – particularly their two married daughters and three grandchildren. They have also enjoyed travel, swimming, the outdoors, music, art, and theater.


Kendal encourages a wide variety of people to make their home here. Alan wishes that a few more were from a business background to complement those associated with the arts and academics. Nancy and Alan enjoy watching new folks as they come to KaO and try to figure out their roles and how to best fit in. Some never want to get involved, while others do. Some settle in right away and are able to be open, while others need more time to settle. What is important is bringing a sense of humor and being able to laugh at yourself and with others.


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