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David & Paulie Evans



Paulie and Dave graduated from Oberlin College, where they met, and then married in 1953. After Dave finished his graduate work in dentistry, they returned to Oberlin where he opened his practice. Paulie was busy raising their son and three daughters while volunteering in the community, particularly in the pastoral care and outreach programs of Christ Episcopal Church.


Dave continued his practice for several years after they moved to Kendal on October 12, 1993. Retired since 2004, he has more time with Paulie to enjoy their grandchildren and their dog Kodai. Dave keeps busy with a variety of activities, interests and sports. They enjoy watching old friends move in, and they have made many new friends here.


Paulie loved being able to walk the grounds with the several dogs they have had during these twenty years. Little Kodai has been an especially loving companion, and continues to take care of his mistress in the Care Center!


Paulie was instrumental in forming the Memorial Committee at Kendal, which is available to families if they wish to have a memorial service or celebratory gathering for a loved one. Her knowledge of Oberlin and its many sources of help and counsel served her well in aiding many families. Nancy Garver joined Paulie in this endeavor, and a close friendship and a good team developed


Dave and Paulie are both glad they were able to be here at the beginning. Being among the first to arrive made it possible to choose the cottage that was best for them – far from the center, near the Island Pond, and with a fireplace! Many suppers have been eaten in the den in front of the beautiful fire.


In addition to events in the town and at the college, events held here help draw people from the Oberlin community. There are so many activities in which to be involved, and interesting people to get to know. Barbara Thomas is a true gift, and the staff is wonderful. Community ministers even come to hold services here for those unable to go out. Personal things like this make one feel at home.


When they moved here, Dave and Paulie – like everyone else – had to put up with the mud! They were amazed when the grass actually grew on that Oberlin clay. They were also very thankful when the New Russia Township Park was developed, affording nice vistas and an additional place to walk Kodai. He is especially fond of the picnic areas.


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