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Laurie Dupee



Laurie Dupee has been with Kendal at Oberlin since October 4, 1993. She was originally hired as an Insurance Specialist and now, twenty years later, is the Program Director of Senior Independence. She remembers those first days and how large the facility seemed, and yet how warm and friendly all the staff and residents were.


A favorite memory was when Kendal became CCAC-accredited. She dressed up in a costume and passed around peanuts and popcorn. She also has fond memories of the residents over the years who have touched her life with their stories and pictures of their own lives that they have shared with her.


Coming from a small town like Wellington and meeting so many residents with different backgrounds and experiences has given her a feel of having traveled the world and through time.


Now, with Senior Independence, she is able to help us stay in our homes, cottages, and apartments longer. And in some cases, thanks to Senior Independence, we are even able to come directly home from the hospital for our therapy and nursing care. She still loves to see all of the friendly faces when she is on the Kendal campus.


Laurie is married to her high school sweetheart, Steve, who is the Director of Municipal Light and Power for Oberlin. Every night the two of them make a point to walk four miles. It is their special together time. They live in Wellington with their two daughters, Hanna and Jessica. Laurie is also going to school to become an RN so she can be the administrator of Senior Independence. When she has any spare time, Laurie likes to spend time with her daughters and her mother.


Looking forward, Laurie plans to continue with Kendal and see her girls through college. She hopes we can strengthen our ability to support residents who wish to stay in their homes longer. Our strength is that we have a good foundation to do that here at Kendal at Oberlin. It is the values of the community and individuals that make the difference. Here we truly value the individual – both staff members and residents.


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