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Norma Daffin



Norma Daffin moved to Kendal on October 19, 1993, from Berea, Ohio. She and her husband John were both teachers – Norma taught kindergarten first in Lakewood, then in Berea. John passed away in 1988.


When John was alive, they took pleasure in traveling the country in their recreational vehicle every summer. She loves wildflowers and all kinds of nature.


For many years she enjoyed swimming and even did cross stitching, and she took the time to learn how to use a computer. Now she likes to participate in all the musical events in the care center with Jara Stull, the music therapist. She even likes coming to see the movie musicals. In addition, one of Norma’s favorite things to do is watch Ohio State football.


Passersby in the Stephens Care Center often notice a box outside her room with the label “Daffin Candies,” which was the family’s store in Sharon, Pennsylvania. The candies were delicious, she recalls, and the store is a favorite memory! Her other favorite memory is of her beautiful dog, now deceased.


Working with and teaching children has always been a particular delight for Norma. Now that she has moved to the Stephens Care Center, she looks forward to interacting with the children from the Kendal Early Learning Center when they come to Jameson to play. She likes to observe them in action.


Norma has a large extended family of her own. They have established a charitable foundation, which they started in 2001, called the Miller-Daffin Family Foundation. The foundation was created to prevent cruelty to and animals and to benefit those in need regardless of race or creed. Its mission is to promote the health, welfare, and educational or vocational training of children so that they can go on to lead fulfilling lives.  


Norma has sure done her part to encourage and support children, both in her family and the community, for all these years!

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