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David & Ricky Clark



Although David and Ricky didn't move to Kendal at Oberlin until July 28, 2006, they have been a key piece of our community since its inception. Most everyone knows the story: Dave was instrumental in our getting this property for our campus and served on the founding boards that developed our community.


Dave and Ricky met at Oberlin College and were married at First Church on their graduation day in 1954, before going off to Union Theological Seminary where he earned his divinity degree. He served as minister in two pastorates before returning to Oberlin College as Vice President for External Affairs. Upon retirement he served as interim minister of First Church.


Ricky, meanwhile, raised their two sons, Jon and Kevin, and served as a minister's wife while working at embroidering and choral directing. She discovered the joy of quilt making and became entranced with the history of quilts, working with several quilt research groups. She was editor of the Ohio Quilt Series, and wrote the first and third volumes for Ohio University Press. She has also been an invaluable resource to the Oberlin Heritage Center.


Dave shares Ricky's love of history, particularly early American furnishings. He is quite the craftsman, and has replicated New England furnishings dating from 1750 to 1770. Looking back on those early days when Kendal was just a dream, he recalls that when the Kendal group came from Philadelphia to meet with the planning committee, they met around the large breakfast table he had built and consumed the delicious breakfasts that Ricky made.


They are very lucky that their sons live here in Oberlin, and are proud grandparents of three grandchildren and a brand new great grandson! They have remained active members of First Church over the years, and Dave has helped residents with establishing charitable trusts and understanding tax issues. Their son Jon has served as vice chair and acting chair of the Kendal board.


Ricky and Dave were so happy to be able to "come home" to Kendal, where they and Kitty were warmly greeted and, as Ricky said, able to relax.


Ricky has transitioned into the Stephens Care Center where she gets the extra support she needs, but Dave is regularly at her side and brings her home frequently. She still loves to keep her hands busy and loves to walk and greet her many friends. They continue to have their standing Sunday brunch with the VanDykes, and they cherish special moments like breakfast by candlelight with champagne mimosas.


May we all follow their example of lighting a candle and then passing it on for others to light their way.


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