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Becky Bolyard



Becky started here in September 1993 as a housekeeper – no easy task as things were just starting up! Becky remembers being the first housekeeper and how there were no carts. She even had to go to IGA for supplies. That first winter was so cold that everything froze, and once they got carts they had to shovel their own way to reach the cottages. They did skits about the challenges, with each department making fun of the rough time and all that mud as they went back and forth from apartments to cottages, concrete to carpet and mud, mud, mud.


After a year and a half, Becky was put in charge of the laundry operations, and then she worked as supply clerk in the Stephens Care Center. Her current position is as Administrative Assistant in Facility Services. Needless to say, she has a wide- ranging understanding of how this place operates!


Becky and Jason, her now-retired husband of over 34 years, have two daughters. Elizabeth is married and has a daughter of her own, Aubree Savannah, who is one year old. Rachel is also married and is an RN at the Cleveland Clinic. It is a different world with grandchildren!


When Becky has spare time she still likes to crochet, read, and see old black-and-white movies. She has served as clerk and treasurer for her church for over 15 years, as if she doesn't have enough to keep her busy! Becky feels she learned a lot in the health center, like how to best support her own mother, give her care, and make sure she saw doctors. Hospice was good, but the staff here is even better, as is the resident support.


She is looking forward to a bright future and just keeping up the good work. Becky is glad we are updating the cottages. There are lots of knowledgeable people here who keep up with their fields. They are constantly learning so much even for their personal lives. Toni Merleno was a blessing in supporting her with her mother. Kendal works very hard to keep insurance costs low and truly search for what is best for staff, with things like the wellness plan and programs for eating, exercise and hydration. There is even an educational program to help staff go to school and advance with more training.


Becky would like to encourage us to continue to do spotlights about residents and staff before memorials to help us make connections with an even deeper level of understanding.


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