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Molly Anderson



Madeleine (“Molly”) Anderson moved to Kendal at Oberlin on December 9, 1993, with her husband David who was a faculty member in the Department of Physics at Oberlin College, known particularly for his ability to introduce advanced physics concepts to non-majors.


David and Molly raised four children – Denny, Stephen, Samuel, and Constance – and had six grandchildren. Together they were able to enjoy Kendal for three year, before he died in March 1996.  


Molly used her training in History and Art at Vassar College throughout her career.  After moving to Oberlin she audited art history courses at Oberlin College and co-curated an exhibition of ancestral portraits at the Allen Art Museum.


Molly is well known among residents for the beautiful garden she planted outside her cottage at the edge of Farmer's Pond, where she had a good view of Kendal’s protected wetlands.


Now that she lives in the Stephens Care Center, she mainly enjoys reading and watching great movies like “Casablanca.” Her favorite author is the late British adventurer Patrick Leigh Fermor, well known for his travel writing. Molly is also an avid newspaper reader -- If she is not in her room or the Central Activities Room, you can usually find her reading the newspapers.


Molly doesn’t much care for exercise, but she loves to sing popular songs, especially when Helen Taylor comes over from her cottage to play the piano for the residents.  When Helen plays the songs, all the words come flooding back automatically.  Molly particularly enjoys singing "Thanks for the Memories."  


Sometimes Molly visits with friends in the new living room expansion of the Whittier Wing, but she hasn’t eaten in the new Country Kitchen yet.   She mostly eats in the Friends Corner Dining Room.  She loves sweets, especially chocolates, and describes herself as a real chocoholic. Molly enjoys chocolate ice cream and candy, but can take or leave the cake.


Horseback riding was a passion when Molly was younger, but now she enjoys horses via one of her favorite books, National Velvet. Books and newspapers can take you anywhere your imagination can travel. The only thing better is singing a song!

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