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Members of KORA Council for 2017. Seated, l. to r: Priscilla Steinberg, Sally Nelson-Olin (secretary), Anne Francis (president), Sue Palmieri (vice president), Randy Wagner (treasurer). Standing, l. to r: Bob Longsworth, Janet Smith, Bill Hole, Marjorie Porter, Al Carroll, Barbara Bruer, Jean Slonneger, Margaret-Ann Ellis. Insets: Virginia Erdy and Ed Long.


The Kendal at Oberlin Residents Association (KORA) promotes cooperation among residents, administration, staff, and the Board of Directors of Kendal at Oberlin. With a commitment to openness, careful listening, and genuine respect for each other, the goal is to establish a true community in which individuals are nurtured by responding to one another with sensitivity, good will, and patience. All residents are members of KORA. Fifteen residents are elected to serve on the Residents’ Council.



The 2016 Report of the KORA President to the Annual Meeting is available here.

Click here to view a PDF document of the KORA Constitution and Bylaws.



Ann Francis (President), Sally Nelson-Olin (Secretary), Randy Wagner (Treasurer), Sue Palmieri (Vice President)



  (yrs remaining in term)[1st or 2nd term] 

  Barbara Bruer (1)[2nd]     Al Carroll (2)[2nd]     Margaret-Ann Ellis (1)[2nd]  
  Virginia Erdy (2)[2nd]     Bill Hole (1)[1st]     Ed Long (1)[2nd]  
  Bob Longsworth (2)[2nd]     Marjorie Porter (1)     Jean Slonneger (2)[1st]  
  Janet Smith (1)[1st]     Priscilla Steinberg (2)[1st]    

COMMITTEES OF COUNCIL (Chairs in italics)


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